If you’re anything like me, then you’ll know just how hard it is to stop eating those amazing Lindt chocolates balls (you know the ones, the red ones, jeez they’re gooooooood, chocolate on the outside with a chocolate filling - win win).

Ahem. You’ll also be of an age when you do slightly despair at the amount of time we all spend on our phones, and how we seem to be reliant on them for everything from emails to bank statements to reminding us every week it’s bin night (just me??). 

But sometimes I do think they really add something to our existence, and it reminds me that if you had shown the 10 year old me an iPhone I would have just salivated all over it until it burst into flames.

This was the moment when one of the groomsmen decided at the spur of the moment that if the church wasn’t going to play the wedding march, then he was going to provide it via his indispensable phone. 

As the newlywed couple followed him out of the church to greet the waiting revellers,  I jumped in to get a quick shot.