Like all photographers, my favourite type of location is one that makes me look good.

So I absolutely loved photographing Sarah and Will's wedding at Gildredge Manor, this place is gorgeous. You could take a photo on your phone anywhere here inside or out, with your eyes shut and your hands behind your back and still get a great shot. Instagram filter or not. Obviously I'd advise hiring a pro for your wedding day though :)

It was bought in 2011 by two crazy, sorry, brave entrepreneurs Emma Chamberlain and Mark Hellicar. They have transformed what was then a neglected wreck into a beautiful, versatile location for all sorts of occasions from weddings and birthdays, to photoshoots and corporate events.

One of Sussex's finest privately owned Georgian Manor houses, it is now nearly 240 years old and was once Eastbourne's art gallery and museum (1923-2005) & a private family home for the Vicar and Lord of the Manor of Eastbourne before that.

If you're getting married anywhere near Eastbourne Gildredge Manor would make it a magical day.