Thought I'd share this blog from my bespoke design service, The Occasional Press.

Since I started making newspapers for wedding couples, I’ve been blown away with the versatility of this most traditional of everyday products.

The Occasional Press newspaper service has been used to celebrate wedding days, create an original children’s story, mark a milestone birthday with a life story and has now been used in a wedding proposal!

It’s a delicious tale of subterfuge, smoke & mirrors and slight of hand trickery, with the intended not suspecting a thing. The scene is a 5 star hotel in Borneo, it’s a beautiful morning and our hero, Tom, has ordered breakfast in bed for the love of his life. 

He’s even brought a copy of the local rag for her to read while she dines. Little does she suspect though, that this copy of The Borneo Post was not printed overnight in the printing plant of Sarawak, as she’d no doubt assumed, but was in fact made weeks earlier, and much closer to home. 

The front page was innocuous enough but if she looked closer she would notice that the images were familiar, and the headlines somewhat personal to her and her beau.

The following pages revealed a love letter from her man, celebrating their relationship with all that they share together. From the views they’ve enjoyed around the world to the adventures they’ve lived together.

And the final page cliff hanger set up for Tom to pop the question. 

All she had to do was notice the newspaper. To be fair to her this 5 star joint does do a good breakfast, so she can be excused for not taking any notice of it until she was practically finished.  

As Tom put it, “Philly said yes and was overwhelmed with the whole proposal; she absolutely loved the newspaper (she eventually noticed it after eating through pretty much all the room-service breakfast)”

Once she did notice it though she was blown away with this most personal and thoughtful testament to their relationship and when she got to the last page and Tom popped the question…

well how could she refuse?

I’m really honoured to play a small part in people’s lives like this, and love helping people not just mark big moments in their lives but create them too.

If you have an occasion to celebrate or a time in your life that you’d like to mark with something that will make it forever memorable, then give me a call, let’s see what we can make together.