If you’re reading this then you’re either a newly engaged person planning your wedding, another photographer curious how I do things, or you’re an insomniac trying desperately to put yourself to sleep. 

Whoever you are, read on!


This is just a quick note about shooting formal shots on your wedding day. If my wedding clients want formal portraits or group shots then I always ask them to have a think about who they want included in them, and to make a list.

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve got plenty of lists to write thanks.

Well, it may sound boring, but not as boring as standing around at a wedding with no drink and starving because you didn’t have time to eat before the ceremony; while your mates who just got married decide on a photo by photo basis who is going to be in their group shots.

I have found that with a bit of forward thinking this little list speeds up the formal shots without compromising on the quality, plus means you didn't forget anyone on the day :)

That reminds me, venue visits, I visit every venue before your wedding day so I am completely familiar with it on the day. Read here for another part of my comprehensive service.