When I was asked to photograph a wedding at the WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes, my first reaction was "I've always wanted to go there." And then, nearly everyone I told about it said the same thing. Well all I can say is, GO!

London Wetland Centre

What a place. Lets talk observatory, in a stadium of bird hides, this is the managing directors box (?). Choose your spot either down at water level or from the balcony above, and watch the Wetlands unfold infront of you through a huge wall of glass, its an amazing spot.

Now imagine getting married in this space, with your nearest and dearest, looking out over the lapwings, Bitterns, Pintails, Redwings, Siskins and Fieldfare to name but a few.

Apparently birds are not just descended from Dinosaurs, they ARE dinosaurs, so this is essentially Jurassic Park but without the teeth. Ooh, imagine getting married at Jurassic Park...